Toyota Material Handling-Dandenong South

Toyota Materials Handling is a manufacturing facility in Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia, that underwent a major infrastructure project involving the installation of new machinery, equipment, and processes. One of the project’s major environmental concerns was the potential for stormwater pollution that could harm local waterways and ecosystems.

Protector Australia’s EcoProtector and EnviroProtector filter systems were installed. These passive stormwater treatment devices use a series of filter cartridges to remove pollutants, such as sediment and debris, from stormwater runoff. They can handle high volumes of runoff, making them effective solutions for managing stormwater pollution.

The systems are easy to install and maintain, with a simple design that allows for easy access and cleaning of the filter cartridges. This makes them ideal solutions for large manufacturing facilities like Toyota Dandenong South.

The EcoProtector and EnviroProtector systems helped to protect local waterways and ecosystems from the harmful effects of stormwater pollution, and were able to handle the high volumes of stormwater runoff generated by the large manufacturing facility.

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