Protector Australia was a part of the new $275m, 300 apartment, Union Quarter project in Spotswood, Victoria, by providing a 28,000 liter dual pump station with an inlet macerator. The project involved the construction of several new apartment buildings, and the management of wastewater was a critical aspect of the development.

The dual pump station provided by Protector Australia was designed to efficiently collect and transfer wastewater from the apartments to the local sewage treatment plant. The station featured two high-quality pumps and an inlet macerator, which helped to reduce the amount of solids in the wastewater and minimize the risk of blockages in the system due to the unpredictability of objects handled from a large apartment complex.

The station’s 28,000 liter capacity was more than enough to handle the wastewater needs of the new apartments, and the dual pump design ensured that there was always a backup pump available in case of failure. This redundancy was critical in ensuring that the system remained operational at all times and that the apartments’ wastewater needs were always met.

Protector Australia’s expertise in designing and delivering high-quality wastewater management solutions was essential in ensuring the success of this project. The company’s commitment to providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions helped to ensure that the 300 new apartments in Spotswood had a reliable and effective wastewater management system in place from the very start.

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