Rockhampton Airport

The Rockhampton Airport upgrade aimed to improve facilities, including a new runway, taxiways and the terminal building. However, managing stormwater pollution was a major environmental concern for the project due to potential impacts on local waterways and ecosystems. The project team chose to use Protector’s Hydroprotector SQID system to address this issue.

This passive stormwater treatment device is designed to capture and retain sediment, debris, and other pollutants from stormwater runoff. The system was installed at various locations throughout the airport site and designed to handle high volumes of runoff.

The Hydroprotector SQID system is easy to install and maintain, making it an ideal solution for large infrastructure projects like the Rockhampton Airport upgrade. The success of the project highlights the importance of effective stormwater management practices in large infrastructure projects, especially in risky environments such as airports dealing with jet fuel. Jet fuel is highly

flammable and can contaminate stormwater runoff, posing serious risks to human health and the environment. Stormwater treatment devices like the Hydroprotector SQID can help to mitigate the risk of pollution from jet fuel and other contaminants in airport stormwater runoff, protecting the environment and human health.

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