Punchbowl Road Belfield

The Mason apartment complex on Punchbowl Road in Belfield is a bustling area with heavy traffic and significant pollution from road runoff. To combat this issue and ensure the safety of the environment, an Enviroprotector was installed on the premises. The Enviroprotector is a stormwater filter specifically designed for heavily polluted traffic areas, making it an ideal solution for The Mason apartment complex.

The fiberglass housing of the Enviroprotector makes it easy and safe to install on-site, with minimal head drop between the inlet and outlet due to its up-flow process. This up-flow process allows it to function efficiently in flat sites with a requirement of only 250mm fall across the device. Multiple units can be combined to treat higher flows. Each Envirofilter provides a treatment flow rate of 8 L/s when installed in an offline configuration.

The Enviroprotector uses sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, and precipitation to treat stormwater and is effective in reducing heavy metals, TSS, and nutrients. At the core of the Enviroprotector is the Envirofilter, a combination of technologies and processes that ensure the highest water quality. It incorporates the Scottish Engineered Filter Media Stormwater Quality Improvement Device and has been granted general technical approval by the German Institute for Structural Engineering.

The installation of the Enviroprotector at The Mason apartment complex will help to protect the ecosystem by reducing the amount of pollutants entering the environment and ensuring clean water is returned. It will provide cost savings for developers and local councils by reducing the need for expensive stormwater management infrastructure. Overall, the Enviroprotector is a durable, dependable, and cost-effective solution to managing stormwater pollution in heavily polluted traffic areas, making it a popular choice among many looking for a high-performing stormwater filter.

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