Lightsview Village Shopping Centre

The Lightsview Village shopping centre utilized the Stormprotector to manage stormwater pollution and protect the environment effectively.

The Lightsview Village shopping centre project has implemented the StormProtector Class 1 by Protector Australia as part of its stormwater managment system.

 The Stormprotector is designed to effectively remove pollutants from stormwater runoff before it enters waterways or storage systems. In this case, it is being used to manage water quality in a medium-risk commercial application.

The Stormprotector’s advanced design includes an in-line system with an internal bypass that allows it to be retrofitted in existing drainage systems, making it ideal for the shopping center’s infrastructure.  The system has two horizontally configured chambers equipped with a coalescer unit that promotes the separation of total suspended solids (TSS), light liquids, and pollutants.

The primary chamber facilitates the separation of larger pollutants and sediments, while the secondary chamber further treats the water to remove additional contaminants.

The Stormprotector Class 1 is highly efficient at removing TSS and treating oily water and hydrocarbon runoff, which are common pollutants in commercial areas. By using the Stormprotector, the Lightsview Village shopping centre can effectively manage stormwater runoff and reduce the impact of pollutants of environment. The system is also easy to install and maintain, providing a convenient solution for upgrading existing infrastructure.

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