Heathdale Christain College

Heathdale Christian College had five Hydrovault tanks desgined and manufactured by Protector Australia for stormwater retention and reuse.

The Heathdale Christian College involved the construction of five Hydrovault tanks with a diameter of 3 meter and length of 20 meters, each with a capacity of 134k liters, for site stormwater retention. Protector Australia was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of the tanks.

The Hydrovault tanks are an effective solution for storing stormwater runoff for later use or slowly releasing it back into the environment. The tanks are designed to collect and hold water from rainfall events, providing a reliable source of water for irrigating and other non-potable uses by retaining stormwater on site, the Hydrovault tanks can also help to reduce the amount of runoff entering local waterways, which can improve water quality reduce the risk of flooding.

Protector Australia’s expertise in designing and building Hydrovault tanks enabled the successful completion on the projects of Heathdale Christian College. The tanks were installed in a timely and efficient manner, and are expected to provide reliable and sustainable water storage for the college’s needs.

Overall the project highlights the importance of sustainable stormwater management solutions, such as the Hydrovault tanks, in reducing the impact of urban development on the environment. By providing effective stormwater retention on site, projects like the Heathdale Christian College project can help to improve water quality and reduce the risk of flooding while also providing a sustainable source of water for non- potable uses.

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