Cleanaway Erskin Park

Cleanaway’s Erskine Park Transfer Station is a waste management facility located in Sydney’s western suburbs that handles a variety of waste materials. One major environmental concern associated with waste facilities is the potential for stormwater pollution, which can contain sediment, heavy metals, and other pollutants harmful to local ecosystems. To address this issue, Cleanaway installed a hydroprotector system from Protector at the site.

This passive stormwater treatment device diverts stormwater through chambers that contain filter media and settling basins, which trap and retain sediment and other pollutants.

The hydroprotector system at the Erskine Park Transfer Station is capable of handling large volumes of stormwater runoff and is designed to be low maintenance, making it an effective solution for managing stormwater pollution at the site. 

Overall, the hydroprotector system has been a valuable addition to the Erskine Park Transfer Station project, helping to protect the stormwater systems and the local environment from the harmful effects of stormwater pollution.

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