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Protector is an Australian-made brand manufactured by PROTEC FRP, known as one of the fastest growing Stormwater treatment and fibre glassing companies in Australia. We have the solution to your every need.

Protector’s dynamic enterprise maintains its roots in the industry through dedicated service with over 18 years of experience and product knowledge. The basis for the company’s operation, with continuous success, both yours and ours!

With many years of experience behind the helm of the Protector Stormwater products, our products are renowned for their quality with painstaking attention to detail, and are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest specifications, built to the Australian standards BS4994-1987 and ASME RPT1.

The design of Protector Products is third party verified against the design standards. Quality Control Procedures ensure each product is inspected and tested using high quality measuring devices and are recorded against each application.

Protector Products are manufactured for many applications and in a wide range of specifications to handle substances such as stormwater, runoff, oil heavy water, hydro carbons, heavy and light sediment and other gross pollutant runoff. With techniques such as adsorption, oil retention, filtration, sediment capture, hydrocarbon capture these systems will remove almost all contaminants from stormwater to be cleaned. The easily retrofitted stormwaters systems then can bring cleaner water back into the environment, protecting our world for a better future.

Protector products are constructed using the advanced chop hoop filament winding process which ensures circumferential as well as longitudinal strength. Every Protector product has a smooth moulded resin rich corrosion barrier inner layer and an external resin rich water penetration barrier. Being manufactured in FRP (fibre reinforced plastics) Protector products are light, easy to handle and easy to install. The smooth internal moulded finish provides excellent protection against scum build up, exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and are not susceptible to rust.


Our experienced team at Protector has dynamic roots in the industry through dedicated service. The basis for the company’s operation, with continuous success, both yours and ours!


Our expertise in the FRP materials in the implementation in our stormwater treatments mean our tanks and treatment products have a long-life guarantee.


From out EcoProtector Products to our Storm protector designs, we have a wide range of solutions for any stormwater treatment you have.


Our designs are revolutionary in the stormwater treatment industry, taking our products a step above the rest.


Our products are designed, constructed, tested and maintained to the highest industry standards applicable.


he team and Protector take great pride in every one of our designs and are striving to be the best company in the industry for you.

PROTECTOR – Sustainable Engineering for our future

With our growing population follows growing cities, growing developments and increased strain on the environment. As we expand, we need to find new, more effective ways to protect the environment. The best way to do this is to work sustainably, developing new technologies that use energy and resources sustainably so they work a rate that does not take or compromise the natural environment, at a rate that allows future generations to meet their own needs. We have to develop plans and implement technologies that will ensure our environments protection for both the short and long term.

Stormwater runoff and the pollution and contaminants that come with it are the 2nd biggest contributor to water pollution today. Stormwater management and treatment systems are a vital solution to the problem that the environment faces. Pollutants like heavy metals, phosphorus, nutrients, sediment load, plastics and many more are constantly polluting our water ways and putting the marine life in danger. Algae Blooms from the increase in nutrients, oxygen levels reduce threaten aquatic organisms, toxic chemicals threaten viable marine communities, sediment load may smother habitats and reduced water clarity reduces the ability for photosynthesis to occur.

At Protector, we understand the need for environmental protection whilst balancing the economical, technical and land space savings required for our developing society. Its the balance the Protector is able to maintain between all of these aspects to ensure we are protecting our environment in a sustainble way. We have a wide range of products that have all been designed to the highest standards whilst continuing to maintain the most efficient processes and the most modern filtration techniques. We have design a range of goals for ourselves at protector both with our material usage and system designs. Our ultimate goal is to design and manufacture systems such that they use energy and resources sustainably, at a rate that does not compromise the natural environment or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To do this we need to set goals for ourselves at each step and achieve every single one of them

Our Goals for a Sustainable Future

One of the major ways to maintain a sustainable operation is to base our systems around a material that can be considered sustainable in as many ways as possible. Previously the primary factors in materials selection for engineered systems were based on performance requirements as well as economics, but with the sustainability approach to design and construction, engineers have to now consider environmental, energy consumption and social factors. In the case of FRP composites, there are a few sustainability and environmental concerns appear to be a barrier to its sustainable material, as it is made from fossil fuels and its inability to be recycled. But it is short sighted to consider this as the sustainable concept.

Their true concept as a sustainable material is reflected through its physical characteristics in that their structural systems can result in longer service lives exceeding traditional material, as well as the light weight of the composite can result in lower construction costs construction costs and speed of construction reducing environmental impact. Along with the high strength and stiffness can require less material and hence minimizing resource usage and wastage. The promise of FRP composites is its potential to extend the service life of existing structures and to develop new structures that are far more resistant to the effects of aging, weathering, and degradation in severe environments. This extension of service life, low cost of installation and maintenance and the ease in they are completed is what makes this material sustainable over the life of the system.

Sustainable Manufacturing processes revolve around the economically sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and resources. All of our systems are designed to use as little energy as possible, ensuring minimal wastage of products and ensuring everything is as efficient as possible. All of our winding and resin coating processes incorporate the most efficient coating systems, with the inner and out corrosion and waterproof layers being applied so that no material is wasted.

Quite possibly the most important aspect of sustainable systems is whether the systems practices themselves operate in such a way so that they don’t harm the environment, and in the case of our products, actually assist it. Our systems operate using passive hydraulic operation,that is that they do not require any form of energy input during regular operation, instead simply relying on the hydraulic flow of water to force the filtration processes. This in itself is the most sustainable system process that we could design, which takes no energy in and produces water that can only benefit the environment by cleaning storm water and removing pollutants from flow. This ability to remove and clean stormwater, prevent plastics from entering waterways and protecting marine wildlife without intake of energy makes our PROTECTOR  systems perfectly sustainable in operation. Furthermore through the design of our systems we have ensured that our system does not disturb any area or influence the environment of installation negatively in any way. Through in ground installation the environment of the site can be restored with minimal impact. Furthermore as on of PROTECTORS guarantees is our water tight barrier we can ensure that there will be no leakages of ay effluent at all. As we are working with dissolved chemical pollutants, leakages can result in environmental harm of the site, affecting our environment in a negative way. These water protection barriers ensure that no leakages of toxic polluted effluent so that our systems cannot have any negative effects during operation.

It is important to understand that sustainable engineering covers all areas of a product. Although the product of FRP in its initial phases may not seem environmentally sustainable, it is the manufacturing processes we use and the produts processes and operational life that makes our work truly sustainable.Through the long life expectancy of our FRP products, the minimal impact of our underground installation, the ease in which maintenance and installation are conducted, the restriction of any leakage of chemical or toxic effluent and the 0 energy consumption for operation that makes our systems and our company as a whole directly focussed on sustainability. We feel as though as a group we need to make steps to work a rate that does not take or compromise the natural environment, at a rate that allows future generations to meet their own needs and through our work we know we are achieving it.

Not only does proper stormwater treatment and management protect our environment, it also has several other benefits that are less widely known. These management systems can reduce flooding to protect people’s lives and properties, reduce the demand on public stormwater drainage systems, support healthy streams and rivers, and create healthier, more sustainable and viable communities. Effective stormwater management provides not only vital environmental benefits, it also provides social, economic and communal benefits.

There are strict environmental regulations that have begun to be implemented, in terms of allowable percentages and removal rates defined so that the environment can be protected. We at protector have design our entire range of stormwater treatment systems to not only be acceptable to these standards, but to exceed them as best we can. The environmental pollution protection act provides these benchmarks to ensure that we as a society reach the required needs to achieve a more sustainable future for our environment.

It’s important in society to maintain a clear image of the bigger picture. As our society continues to grow in population and city size, we increase the area covered by impervious and non –absorbent surfaces that do not allow infiltration and absorption and in turn increase the amount of polluted runoff.  We must continue to implement these stormwater treatment technologies not for just the current benefit, but also for the future and more vital benefits.