Zeolite as a Zinc Removal Media

Throughout my work tat PROTECTOR, there have been a larger variety of contaminants that have proven to be difficult to remove through design. One of these is the Zinc ion that can be present due to a large variety of reasons. The levels of Zinc in stormwater runoff has been regulated and benchmarks have been set for the zinc levels allowed. Zinc can be produced from a wide range of areas including galvanized roofs and surfaces, motor oils, wear debris from tires, atmospheric deposition, and fertilizers. There is a wide range of processes that are designed to remove Zinc from stormwater. The following document explains the removal of Zinc in great detail.

Zeolite as a Zinc removal media

Three of our tertiary treatment systems use Zeolite as its main removal media, alongside varying percents of Activated carbon, AFM and Perlite among others. These tertiary systems that should be used if Zinc removal is required are the XTREAMPROTECTORENVIROPROTECTOR, and MAXIPROTECTOR

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