Working Towards a Sustainable Future

With our growing population follows growing cities, growing developments and increased strain on the environment. As we expand, we need to find new, more effective ways to protect the environment. The best way to do this is to work sustainable, developing new technologies that use energy and resources sustainably so they work a rate that does not take or compromise the natural environment, at a rate that allows future generations to meet their own needs. We have to develop plans and implement technologies that will ensure our environments protection for both the short and long term.

Stormwater runoff and the pollution and contaminants that come with it are the 2nd biggest contributor to water pollution today. Stormwater management and treatment systems are a vital solution to the problem that the environment faces. Pollutants like heavy metals, phosphorus, nutrients, sediment load, plastics and many more are constantly polluting our water ways and putting the marine life in danger. Algae Blooms from the increase in nutrients, oxygen levels reduce threaten aquatic organisms, toxic chemicals threaten viable marine communities, sediment load may smother habitats and reduced water clarity reduces the ability for photosynthesis to occur.

Not only does proper stormwater treatment and management protect our environment, it also has several other benefits that are less widely known. These management systems can reduce flooding to protect people’s lives and properties, reduce the demand on public stormwater drainage systems, support healthy streams and rivers, and create healthier, more sustainable and viable communities. Effective stormwater management provides not only vital environmental benefits, it also provides social, economic and communal benefits.

There are strict environmental regulations that have begun to be implemented, in terms of allowable percentages and removal rates defined so that the environment can be protected. We at protector have design our entire range of stormwater treatment systems to not only be acceptable to these standards, but to exceed them as best we can. The environmental pollution protection act provides these benchmarks to ensure that we as a society reach the required needs to achieve a more sustainable future for our environment.

It’s important in society to maintain a clear image of the bigger picture. As our society continues to grow in population and city size, we increase the area covered by impervious and non –absorbent surfaces that do not allow infiltration and absorption and in turn increase the amount of polluted runoff.  We must continue to implement these stormwater treatment technologies not for just the current benefit, but also for the future and more vital benefits.

At Protector, we understand the need for environmental protection whilst balancing the economical, technical and land space savings required for our developing society. Its the balance the Protector is able to maintain between all of these aspects to ensure we are protecting our environment in a sustainble way. We have a wide range of products that have all been designed to the highest standards whilst continuing to maintain the most efficient processes and the most modern filtration techniques.

Written by Nathan D. Raco, in partnership with Protector – Stormwater management Solutions

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