There isnt one single process that best removes a certain contaminant. To best tackle the removal of pollutants, a wide range of techniques need to be used in conjunction with each other to ensure the most effective removal possible. High traffic areas have a series of pollutants that remain a big issue in treatment of these systems. High traffic areas produce contaminants such as high amounts of hydrocarbons, high levels of gross pollutants, heavy metals and fine sedimentation. Hence solutions are required to remove these pollutants are produce water for the environment with as low percentages as possible. Hence a combination of primary, secondary and tertiary, and depending on the weather conditions and flow rates of the area, retention systems.

The processes which we recommend to be utilised in the removal of pollutants produced from highways include:

·        Gross Pollutant traps

·        Gravity separation

·        Coalescence

·        Adsorptions

·        Attachment and interception

·        Sedimentation

Through my experience we need a combination of oil seperators and removal systems and a complex tertiary system to remove all contaminants present. The use of PROTECTORSXTREAMPROTECTOR or ENVIROPROTECTOR, and due to the benefits that gross pollutants traps contribute to reduced maintenance and reducing sediment load and larger derbis, a ECOPROTECTOR is recommended.