When considering what are the best processes for treating stormwater runoff in a certain application, it is vital to consider the various forms of contaminants that are produced in these areas, as well as the environment in which the application is to be placed in. Carparks developments, have the tendency for high levels of oils, gross pollutants from high foot traffic, hydrocarbons and heavy metals produced from cars ad rooftops. These areas need to be thoroughly treated for discharge back into the environment, as usually is the requirement for water treatment in these areas. Hence the tertiary treatment systems are required for these areas, with all of the protector tertiary designed systems removing the required contaminants that are produced from these areas.

The processes best used for carparks as their applications include:

·        Gross Pollutant traps

·        Gravity separation

·        Coalescence

·        Adsorptions

·        Attachment and interception

·        Sedimentation

·        Precipitation

We at PROTECTOR have a wide range of appropriate solutions to the carpark stormwater pollution. I would personally recommend the need for a gross pollutant trap due to high foot traffic, an oil separator due to the high quantity of cars and a tertiary system to remove the more complex dissolved pollutants that are present. Personally through all of my experience i would recommend a treatment train system consisting of our ECOPROTECTORSTORMPROTECTOR and ENVIROPROTECTOR to remove all pollutants that could be present in carparks.