Hydrocarbons make up a large majority of the pollutants present in water, being produced from fueling stations, cars and motor vehicles and in industrial processes. If these hydrocarbons flow into the stormwater systems through surface runoff they must be treated efficiently and completely. Large proportions of hydrocarbons and oils in water ways is extremely harmful to the ecosystem life that exists in the water systems that follow our stormwater treatment. There are several efficient processes of hydrocarbon removal:

·        Gravity Separation  This principle works off a simple theorem, Stokes Law. This defines that the buoyant velocity rise of a droplet is greatest when the density of the droplet, in this case oil, is greater than the density of the continuous phase, the water. This hence means that oil particles and hydrocarbons will always rise to the surface of water. Hence this process can be used to separate the hydrocarbons from water in a non-turbulent flow, such as in a storage or retention system.

·        Coalescence  In water treatment, the energy that is input into water is very low, causing the process of coalescence to occur in what small oil droplets collide and form bigger droplets, and due to the low energy these particles do not disperse. This process allows for the particles to be removed more simply.

·        Adsorption  This process is the adhesion of atoms, ions or molecules (such as hydrocarbons) to a surface. This is a surface phenomenon in which the hydrocarbons will attach themselves to the surface of another system (such as the filter systems) and hence be removed from the flow of water.

In reality a combination of these processes is the best process for the removal of hydrocarbons from stormwater. Systems that encapsulate these are the greatest for hydrocarbon removal and management.

We at PROTECTOR have a wide range of solutions for the removal of hydrocarbons from stormwater. We have two types of oil seperator systems, both of which suit various sit demands and settings. The HYDRAPROTECTOR is our Highly efficient, full retention separator to treat first flush, fine particulates, nutrients, heavy metals and hydrocarbon filtration system and the STORMPROTECTOR Dual chamber, fine particle, sedimentation and organic pollutant removal treatment with large retention and Bypass