Several things are vital in the construction of an effective and efficient stormwater treatment system. Firstly, the system needs to encapsulate all process required for the site in which the runoff is being produced. This means careful considerations of the surrounding environment and its specifications which include:

·        Physical Locale

·        Rainfall conditions

·        Surrounding environment, be it man made or natural

·        Catchment size

·        Contaminant types

·        Flow rate

·        Risk analysis.

Once these considerations are reviewed, we can effectively determine which processes need to be used to remove the contaminants that shall be produced. From this it can be decided which systems must be installed, whether it be a single or a complex treatment train. It must be also ensured that no unnecessary systems are implemented which will provide no significant assistance to the stormwater treatment process. If all of the contaminants that can be present are considered, the correct processes can be implemented to ensure effective removal before the water is returned to our waterways and ecosystems.

It is vital that only proven well tested processes are used in the treatment proesses. This means that the process in which are being implemented must all be proven and ensured to be THE MOST effective and efficient in our processes. This is why there is constant need for redevelopment and research into the stormwater treatment technologies so that we are constantly improving the processes in which we currently use.