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Trap It r2

What is a TrapIt?

The Protector TrapIt is a basic Pollution Trap that comes with a simple yet highly efficient design. They can be retrofitted into existing structures or the new ones, making the installation quite simple and cheap. The maintenance of this pollution trap is just as straightforward and effortless. The simplicity in its design, ease of installation and maintenance and cost-efficiency make it highly desirable.

Utilising a physical screen, it is engineered to eliminate all the gross pollutants like the plastics and litter and to prevent them from entering our water bodies. These gross pollutants can not only be a threat to marine life and the aquatic environment, but they are quite unpleasant, have a foul smell and can attract vermin. Therefore, these TrapIts can play a vital role in protecting our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams as well as the marine wildlife and ultimately maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The TrapIt as the name suggests is a highly effective trap for the removal of particles in the stormwater, with a size greater than 5mm and can be effectively used for trapping and eliminating the gross pollutants (litter and plastics) from stormwater and therefore safeguarding the marine environment. The dual screen filtration improves its efficiency and reduces the chances of clogging. The larger screen eradicates the large pieces of plastic and litter thereby reducing the load from the smaller screen. The smaller screen acts as a final safeguard and it is quite effective in removal of the fine plastics, debris and it is quite effective against beach sand as well.

The Process

It follows a simple process, where the stormwater must pass through a pair of screens before making its way to the waterways. As the stormwater runoff enters the gutters, it has to pass through the stormwater grate which does eliminate very coarse particles. However, most of the litter and plastics can easily pass through this stormwater grate. The stormwater then encounters the first trash screen that traps and eliminates all the gross pollutants like plastics, cigarette butts and litter from the stormwater. Due to coarser mesh size, it allows a bigger head, but it lets through finer material like beach sand or small pieces of plastic or debris. The stormwater then flows through a second layer of the screen to get rid of the finer particles within the stormwater. Therefore, the stormwater goes through a dual stage physical filtration process, thereby achieving an 85% Total Suspended Solid removal before entering the waterways.

Trapit process
Trapit process 2
Install Render


Ease of combination with other protector products. As the TrapIt is a primary treatment system, it can be used by itself or in conjunction with the secondary and tertiary treatment solutions protector has available to provide a complete system. In conjunction, this gross pollutant trap can remove the larger debris that would otherwise cause clogging and increased maintenance on the secondary and tertiary treatment devices.

With the most competitive prices and the highest quality, we offer the most cost-effective system for a durable and effective product.


Can be used in a wide range of configurations being commercial, residential, urban or industrial.
Aesthetically suitable

Our design can easily improve and camouflage into any urban setting, whilst still fulfilling its requirements as a filtration system.

Versatile for all areas
Our Product is ideal for both retrofitting into already existing urban settings or easily installed into new construction sites.

Filtration Techniques
The dual process of the Bioretention and the filtration media ensure FRP designs will strive to keep our streams, waterways and our environment clean.

Ease of installation and maintenance
The maintenance process is a simple process, with no requirements of entering the body of the Bioprotector.

High Efficiency and Durability
Dual Filters not only enable it to have a higher efficiency of TSS removal but also increase its durability.


Due to its unique design, it can be placed in a wide range of settings such as:

  • Urban Settings
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

The system is mainly suited to areas that have run off of coarse particulates and litter.

Trap It r2

The TrapIt comes in a standard size of 450×450. However, the plastic surrounds for it can be cut out to a desirable size based on the size of the pit.

the TrapIts are designed for a hassle-free installation and maintenance. A standard size with unique design allows the end user to simply slide the TrapIt and adjust the plastic surrounds accordingly.

  1. Stainless Steel frame
  2. First Mesh – 2.5mm – 2500microns
  3. Second Mesh – 0.1mm – 100microns
  4. Telescopic Bars (only for pits that do not conform to the size of TRAPIT)
  5. Plastic surrounds
Trap It Exploded View

The TrapIt is designed and built keeping the end user in mind. Therefore, the installation is quite simple and cost-effective. The TrapIt can easily be retrofitted into existing drains or into new ones and requires minimal labour and no heavy machinery. This ease of installation makes it considerably cheap and quite desirable.


  • Remove existing grate
  • Clean outer ledge area
  • Install the telescopic bars to hold the TRAPIT*.
  • Slide the TRAPIT in.
  • Cut the plastic surrounds to size so that they can cover the TRAPIT surrounding*.

*The telescopic bars and the plastic surrounds are only needed when the size of pit does not conform to the size of TRAPIT.

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