Residential systems require a fair amount of filtration, but not to the drastic level of high industrial areas, high traffic areas and fuelling areas. Due to a lack of high oil percentages, it is not a requirement for the secondary filtration systems that provide the most efficient hydrocarbon removal systems to implemented, instead the use of gross pollutant traps and tertiary treatment. The BIOPROTECTOR system is recommended for these areas due to its ability to fit into urban design settings, as well as providing natural filtration processes. It is able to remove high enough levels of hydrocarbons and heavy metals as would be required, as well as removing phosphorus, nutrients and organic compounds naturally. This system is recommended in use of anywhere where expelling directly into environmental systems is likely and required.

Due to the high distance needed to travel and head required in these sorts of environments, retention tanks with a pumping station incorporated are recommended. Retention is a common requirement for residential and municipal estates and hence the implementation of these devices is highly recommended.

The applications best suited to this treatment train system also include:

·        Residential areas

·        Council recreational areas

·        Beaches and parks

·        Natural developments