With the mining industry being the second largest industrial water usage sector in the world, there is a dire need to completely and successfully filter and maintain the water quality in these areas. Water management is critical in mining, and due to the high standards instructed in the Australian industry in mining, rigorous systems must be used. The treatment of water for these sites can then be used to be implemented in process such as dust suppression, cooling systems such as in boilers, reuse in non-drinking purposes, vehicle washing and wet screening. Due to these requirements of reuse of water a high filtration percentage is not required and hence several primary and secondary systems in conjunction with retention systems.

Mining sites are typically located in geographically isolated areas where sewerage networks are unavailable, with sewerage discharge becoming impossible. There is also a large amount of waste water produced in these systems, mainly in the form of sedimentations and hydrocarbons. In any situation where the water that is being treated is not being reused in site activities as previously stated, we recommend the use of tertiary treatment systems as an aim to reduce the heavy metal percentage upon discharge into the environment. In this case we recommend the use of the ENVIROPROTECTOR system for these such situations.

Furthermore, hydrocarbons and grease are in high quantities and pollutants and wastewater. These pollutants can cause issues on the mining site which will cause maintenance costs to increase dramatically, as well as causing damage to surrounding developments and environments, whatever they may be. Hence we require the highest quality mining oil separators to be implemented with guarantees of acceptable treatment and containment of these pollutants. It is recommended that the HYDRAPROTECTOR systems be used in attempts to reduce hydrocarbon percentage and remove fine sedimentations from the water systems. These systems should be combined with our high capacity pumping stations, with remote alrm systems and monitoring devices to ensure that isolated mining sites are able to treat and discharge the water efficiently.  

This treatment train system can also be applied to:

·        Building sites

·        Petrol stations

·        High industrial areas

·        High locations of hydrocarbon production