Hydraprotector Installation Video

Here we have an exclusive video on the rapid and simple installation of a Hydraprotector system being installed at a recent job at the Cleanaway Erskine Park Resource management project. There are a few important notes about this installation and the system we supplied.

·        Firstly it is worth noting the completed pre-assembled system that was supplied. At PROTECTOR every stage of manufacturing is completed on site using our state of the art machinery and processes ensuring that our system leaves fully assembled and of the highest quality. This preassembled nature ensures a simple and easy installation process to save the customer time and money

·        The System Installation was completed rapidly, requiring a small crane. This is due to the lightweight nature of FRP and hence all parts of the system, allowing minimal machinery.

·        Manoeuvring of the system was simple, often using manpower to shift directions of the system as the crane slowly lowered the Hydraprotector. As the system is so lightweight, this is able to be done further allowing easier installation and increasing economic efficiency. 


The installation process is simply summarised below.

  1. Excavate an area for positioning with suitable easy placing of the tank and filling as well as for consolidating concrete for backfilling.
  2. Lifting and handling of the system must use appropriate processes All lifting apparatus (cables, straps, chains etc.) must be provided by a contractor.
  3. Installation can be conducted with or without appropriately designed feet for the product, each with their own following installation instruction details found in the Installation Manual.
  4. The system can be secured in several ways including Pea gravel and concrete surrounds, stabilised sand surroundings, concrete base and concrete surround, pea gravel backfill, mechanical anchoring etc. All have been clearly outlined in the installation manual provide by Protector.
  5. Allow for protection of inlets/discharge points/vents to be supervised by contractor. Connect each suitably designed fitting with the desired location for completion.

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