The selection of a gross pollutant trap is vital for the continued successful operation of the stormwater management system and can often be confusing and difficult. There are a wide range of reasons and considerations to determine that correct gross pollutant trap for your site. Important considerations must be taken when deciding on which Protector product is suitable for your needs. With the assistance of experienced staff we can offer endless assistance and advice in this matter. The most important aspects we consider to help solve your needs are

·        Physical Local and Rainfall Conditions determine the size of inlet, the bypass size and the tank capacity

·        Catchment Size usually define the size of the physical trap as well as the silt containment chamber and capacity

·        Typical Contaminant Types and Gross pollutants determine the trap size as well as

·        Human Foot Traffic

·        Site Flow Rate to determine the required size of the inlet, bypass and the overall capacity

·        Risk Analysis

These considerations are usually taken when determining the best size of Gross pollutant trap. Our ECOPROTECTOR comes in a wide range of sizes, each with varying inlet options, capacities and pollutant capture amounts. For information of the common ranges of sizes that are supplied and assistance with the best sized system for your site demands please visit