High traffic areas have a series of pollutants that remain a big issue in treatment of these systems. These areas typically include intersections, highways, multiple lane roads and tunnels. High traffic areas produce contaminants such as high amounts of hydrocarbons, high levels of gross pollutants, heavy metals and fine sedimentation. Hence solutions are required to remove these pollutants are produce water for the environment with as low percentages as possible. Hence a combination of primary, secondary and tertiary, and depending on the weather conditions and flow rates of the area, retention systems.


We recommend the use of the ECOPROTECTOR to remove all gross pollutants, STORMPROTECTOR equipped with high flow bypass and coalesce filtration to reduce oil concentrations to required levels, and any of the ENVIROPROTECTOR, MAXIPROTECTOR and the XTREAMPROTECTOR. These tertiary treatments use modern filtration media and techniques to remove high percentages of the heavy metals in these water ways. They also have the capacity to remove all colloidal particles and fine sedimentation that go through the first two stages. This combination is the most effective for high traffic areas.

Areas in which these systems can be used are also:

·        Tunnels

·        Airports and Tarmacs

·        Rooftop runoff and rainwater treatment systems

·        Industrial estates

·        Transport depots and loading bays

·        Highways and any areas of high traffic