Water Resistance and Leakages
FRP systems are water tight and Protectors systems have an external resin rich water tight penetration barrier.Concrete is a porous material allowing water to penetrate the surface. Even with sealants concrete can leak
Structural strengthStrong material in terms of strength, will not degrade over timeDegrades over time, although initial strength of system is greater
Lifespan75 year guaranteed lifetime, up to 150 years maxBetween 15-50 year expected lifespan
FabricationFRP systems can be made as a whole, monolithic system with no leaks usually coming pre-assembled.Concrete must be built as separate sections for ease of delivery and installation, hence joints provides weaknesses even with additional sealants. More complex systems are required in manufacture of concrete assemblies.
Expansion and contractionFibre glass has a low coefficient of expansion under heat and weather conditions.Concrete expands and contracts regularly with temperate cause cracks to appear and corrosion.
Corrosion due to Microbial Induced CorrosionResistance to all chemical corrosion typesHydrogen sulphide creates sulphuric acid when in underground water systems, a common cause of deterioration of concrete.
Bacteria resistanceFRP products are Protector are manufactured with smooth interior resistant layers and exterior waterproof layers making it perfect environment to combat bacteria and algae accumulation. Not suitable
Oxidation resistanceIs not effected by OxidationConcrete often uses steel rebar for reinforcement and the rebar is susceptible to rust from water permeating the surface.
WeightLightweight requiring smaller crane systems for loading and offloading.
Weighs approx. 1400kg per cubic m
Concrete is a heavier system. Weights approx 2400kg per cub metre.
InstallationFiberglass tanks can be transported on a single truck and are delivered to the site as a finished product making installation easier and fasterRequires step by step installation on site as concrete systems have to be poured and set. Requires more transportation increasing time and expenses.
Maintenance and RepairsAdditional appurtenances can be installed directly to the FRP tank at the job site and even after burial. Fiberglass does not require resurfacing for the life of the product. Fiberglass is easier to clean and keep clean which extends the life of pumps and filtering equipment.Much more difficult in all stages of maintenance to deal with, more difficult to clean and maintain requiring higher frequency and increased cost over the life of the system.