Because we think
nature is worth saving...

At Protector, we are focused on improving the quality of our waterways by
supplying products that are designed to capture and contain pollution
in stormwater runoff for many applications. Contaminants such as
hydrocarbons, suspended solids, plastic rubbish, and dissolved nutrients
are removed by utilizing absorption, retention, filtration and capture
processes. These stormwater systems will deliver cleaner water back into the
environment, saving nature for future generations.

Protector is an Australian family-owned and operated
stormwater treatment and fiberglassing company. Protector’s
18 years of fabrication experience is a result of continuous
improvement in product design and manufacturing innovation.

Our products are renowned for their quality and are engineered to Australian standards BS4994-1987 and ASME RPT1. Protector has improved the ease of device installation by eliminating the need for confined space entry and the requirement to access the base of site excavations.

Quality control procedures ensure each product is
manufactured to specification and post-production, each unit is
inspected and factory tested to industry standards.

Protector products are constructed using the advanced chop hoop filament winding process which ensures circumferential as well as longitudinal strength. Every Protector product has a smooth molded resin-rich inner corrosion barrier layer and an external resin barrier. Being manufactured in FRP (FibreReinforced Plastic) Protector products are light, easy to handle, and easy to install

FRP composites are a sustainable material that is reflected
through its physical characteristics resulting in longer service
life that exceeds traditional materials. The weight-saving
advantages lower construction and transport costs, reducing
environmental impact. FRP products are high-strength and
are far more resistant to the effects of ageing, weathering, and
degradation in severe environments. Maintenance is improved
by the smooth internal molded finish providing excellent
protection against scum accumulation. Fibre Reinforced
Plastic is not susceptible to rust and offers excellent corrosion

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